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The Alabama TREASURE Forest Association

"Taking the land God loaned us and making him proud he did!"

The ATFA is an organization of stewardship minded men and women dedicated to improving the forest land of Alabama.  Our forests managed in a way to ensure that the next geneartion will enjoy the same benefits we get from the forest today.

Timber, Recreation, Environment, Aesthetics, Sustainable, Usable, Resources

  ATTENTION: The Alabama TREASURE Forest Association's website has been moved to http://treasureforest.org/. This site, www.atfa.net, will be shutting down at the end of May, 2015. Come visit the new site and tell us what you think!


The ATFA and the Alabama Farmers Federation (Alfa) joined forces in October of 2013 to create the largest member forestland owner membership group in Alabama.  We are here to help landowners demonstrate their commitment ot sustainable forestry.  Click here to learn more about the ATFA. 


Recent Happenings:

Free Tree Giveaway!

Members of the Pike County TREASURE Forest Association joined the Alabama Forestry Commission in Troy this morning to give away nearly 1,000 free trees. Oaks, ash, red bud, crape myrtle, slash pine and more will help beautify the landscape, provide wildlife habitat and improve the environment by cleaning the air. This is the 15th year the groups have joined forces in celebration of National Arbor Day, which is April 24, but now is a great time to plant trees in the South.



2015 Conference Information is here!

Click here for more information- registration directions soon to follow!



ATFA Board of Directors Approves “Free” Tags!

You read that correctly…the ATFA Board will reimburse you for the additional cost you have to pay when you purchase a new ATFA “I’d rather be in the woods” tag.  That’s $50 back in your pocket when you get this great tag for your car.  We need to get more ATFA tags on the road to increase our visibility.  Please consider supporting the Alabama TREASURE Forest Association by displaying our tag on your vehicles. 
Just click here to get the special form and send a copy of your tag receipt along with the form to the address indicated.  


New State Forester Greg Pate speaks to the Elmore County chapter (left), a group of students listen to a lesson during one of our Classroom in the Forest programs (right), and the Crenshaw County chapter learns about Longleaf pines (below). Click on the pictures for the full stories!



The ATFA Specialty Tag is Here!

You Can Help Keep the Family Owned Forest Alive and Well by Purchasing the Alabama TREASURE Forest Association Specialty Tag!

The proceeds from the sale of this tag will allow us to get Classroom in the Forest in every County of this state; it will allow your association to reach the thousands of landowners that have never been exposed to the good stewardship ethic of Treasure Forest. It will help train, equip and empower forest and farm owners to be more self reliant and sustainable through hands on training and learning sessions. The money that is raised from the sale of this tag will help develop a strong voice that tells the story of the irreplaceable value that privately owned forest and farm land provide all members of society.


Ask for the Alabama TREASURE Forest specialty tag #89!


  FSC Certification Available to ATFA Members                              

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international body which accredits certification organizations in order to guarantee the authenticity of their claims. In all cases the process of certification will be initiated voluntarily by forest owners and managers who request the services of a certification organization. The goal of the FSC is to promote environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world's forests, by establishing a worldwide standard of recognized and respected Principles of Forest Stewardship.

For more FSC Enrollment and cost information, call the ATFA office at 1-888-240-4694 or email us at roates@alfafarmers.org. For more information, check out our FSC Sustainability Web Page. For information to help you manage your FSC certified land, please click here.